Friday, June 15

90210 Vintage score!!!

This week on Triple J its been all about the 90's and today was dress up in Nineties clothes etc Well I don't get into things that much but when my husband brought be home this awesome vintage quilt cover find he found today from the second hand shop, how could I not grab one of my Beverly Hills 90210 tee's and wear it... yes I have more than one, maybe shameful to many but hey you should embrace the lame things you loved in your youth and go with it!!!!

The quilt cover is in such great condition, hardly used by the looks of it. I will not use it as a bedspread but as a huge fabric panel to make some things, not sure what yet but the ideas are endless. I am amazed my Husband listened to me when I told him what to keep an eye out for when he enters these thrift shops :) He even found me a velcro 90210 wallet.... hahaha

The best thing about this quilt cover is that it has all the stars of the original show on it not just the main characters. It also has the Peach Pit sign, the cars they drove and the WILDDCATS logo!!!

I scored this T-shirt when I went to Melbourne a few months back, I get a lot of my tee's from Dangerfield, I love their stuff and they have a huge range of designs that are pretty cool and not in other shops.

Single Bed 90210 quilt cover and pillow case from Salvo's
Velcro 90210 wallet from Salvo's 
(came with a free plastic coin and a pin code inside lol)
Brandon & Dylan 90210 T-shirt by Dangerfield

To complete my day I watched HEATHERS which I had IQ'd on Foxtel but never got around to watching. I was impressed it still holds up after all this time, I think it was better than I remembered lol

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  1. I LOVE 90210. Steve Sanders is the bomb. I wish we could all hang out at the Peach Pitt after dark and dance to David Silver's rad tunes.
    I am soo Jealous yet again that you own that shirt, wallet and more then anything the sheet shirt... AGGHHH!!!!