Wednesday, June 6

One Direction Teen bedroom

My internet has been failing bigtime the last few days and it will not stay connected for very long :( So here is a quick post before it crashes again of some photos of my daughters completed One Direction bedroom...
well I say completed, she still wants to fit more in there somehow lol

I made the dolls of the boys, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall. I also made the word pillowcase. The jacket I put the letters and trim on for the concert we went to in Melbourne, to look like the blazer Harry Styles wears..

She wanted her room painted as she hates the dark red so this is a good alternative to not having to paint.... cover in band posters!!! I swear the kidss will like this more than a pretty colour on a boring wall :) I know when I was a young girl that's all I wanted to do and did... my poor dad must have had a billion holes to plaster by the time I moved out haha

Tutorial on how to make your own 1D Pillowcase

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  1. Yep! I had 5ive posters covering every space of my room, that included the ceiling! Oh, and my floor was exposed chipboard that I was allowed to graffiti on (which is now covered with lino) but that has some 5ive lyrics, I believe it also mentions the likes of 'Titanic is the best movie EVER!' and stuff about Hanson & the Spice Girls.

    You're an awesome Mum & super talented! I want some cute dolls like that of my man crushes!

    1. imagine if that Lino got ripped up now, how awesome would it be to see all that now, great memories. Hanson and Spice Girls haha love that so much, its like your own time capsule just waiting for you to look at again.

      Aww thanks so much, I try to be a good Mum, thats all I can do :)
      I have started making them in my man crushes, I will have to do one for you when I get my act together and design some more ox

  2. hey, i love those little dolls and would love to know how to make them, please could you post a tutorial on how to make them?;)

    1. I am selling these people pillows so unfortunately I will not be doing a tutorial on them. If you are interested in buying them then please email me at talkingtrashwastingtime@yahoo.com
      cheers Brooke

    2. how much would they be each or in a set of 5? and what postage would cost and stuff...;) thanks again xxxx

    3. I can sell them individually or as a pack if that's what you would like. It is up to you.

      Normally I sell them for $25 each plus postage but because you came from my blog I can do $22 each or $100 for the set of 5. Postage depends on where you are and how many you buy so I can't really answer that.

      I have an account on ebay I can put them on there for you and I also have an etsy. Please email me is you are interested.

      hope you have a nice week

  3. I have 13 posters in my room :) I LOVE ONE DIRECTION I had 33 posters but ... :(

  4. How Did you make the little Dolls??? Tutorial Please?

    1. sorry I sell the dolls so I will not be doing a tutorial on them :)

    2. how much do you sell the dolls for? I would only want one of the members so how much would it cost for one?

  5. wow that is a teen girl's dream room. I would have loved this of the Backstreet boys back in my day lol and the dolls you made are so cute!



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