Thursday, December 6

Nail Polish or candy in a jar? nope its just polish :)

 Yesterday I got sick of looking at all my daughters nail polish floating around and looking messy., so I needed a solution..... How about a old empty spaghetti jar that was using up space in my cupboard :)

It may not be the best looking thing around but after I had taken this photo I added some stripy purple and white ribbon with a big bow to the glass jar and it looks all pretty now like rainbow candy in a jar!!

I think you could decorate in lots of ways, I had no time and just wanted the place to look tidy but I say if you like this idea then experiment and be as creative as you wish, its an easy fun DIY  :)

If you do not have an old jar lying around then you can buy them in any discount shop for under $5

enjoy your day everyone!

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  1. Well, I like the idea so I maybe copy it hehe.

  2. I had the same idea. Looks really great :)
    Lets follow each other, hun :)
    I'm following you now.
    I would be very glad to have you as my new friend, too.

    Ina :*

  3. I put myu polishes in a glass bowl lately for the same reason... they were all over the house! Love it!

    Holly Foxen Wells

    1. haha they multiply so quickly! I have seen ones in the huge glass bowls, they looks so pretty xx