Saturday, January 26

Austrlaia Day's Hottest 100 countdown

Today may be Australia day but it's also Triple J's Hottest 100 countdown for 2012!

Every Austrlaia day I pretty much do the same thing, no parties, no drinking at BBQ's, just lazing around on my bed listening to music all day, really that's all you need in life :)

 Above are the songs I voted for, you can listen to all the songs here

I doubt many of my songs will make it, they rarely do, I give it a 50% rate of getting in there haha but I swear Bands of Skulls better make it or I may lose my shit!!! Yes this is serious business!!!!

You can see the countdown the above widget or for the final results they can be found on the Triple J website. There is also a lot of Australia day Hottest 100 party pictures people are uploading to keep you entertained lol

Enjoy your weekend everyone & to all my Aussie friends have a safe and wonderful long weekend!!!


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