Tuesday, January 1

Easy 4 ingredient Potato bake GF

I do not normally post meal recipes on my blog as I have admitted before I am not the best cook unless its cake lol but this is one of my recipes that is so easy and yummy that everyone will love it! My husband can only eat gluten free food and this is GF, just check the meat you use.

This is for a large size potato-bake but you can change amount of ingredients to suit small dishes to huge ones.

- Bag of Desiree potatoes on stove top (or whatever you like, I just always use these)
- Block of tasty Cheese
- Diced bacon or ham (I used left over Christmas ham)
- half a cup of Milk (I never use cream, I like milk better)

- peel and boil potatoes (keep as large as possible, do not cut up small to boil)
while potatoes are cooking prepare the rest
- with a peeler slice the cheese into thin slices
- cut up ham/bacon in small dices
- preheat oven to 230 degrees C

Once potatoes are boiled, let cool for 15 mins
- cut potatoes into approx 1cm slices longways and place a flat layer onto bottom of your tray/dish going into all corners. Use broken pieces to fill in the small gaps
- lightly drizzle milk over the potatoes, I pour in milk lid and then sprinkle over the potatoes eventually
- sprinkle bacon/ham over the potatoes
- place cheese eventually covering the whole pan

Above shows how to layer the potato, ham then cheese

REPEAT 3 times. This will make a good volume Potato bake. If your dish is not tall enough then you can push the content down to fit or do 2 layers, you do not want the cheese running over the edge onto your oven.

Place into oven and after 30-45 mins it should be done. I have noticed if I use a baking dish it takes longer, maybe 45 mins but in one of these throw away tin dishes its about 35 mins. Just keep checking and its done when cheese has started to go golden. (cook more than below picture, I placed mine back into oven once again for 10 mins when I got to my sisters BBQ so it would be nice & hot)


Now it doesn't look the best I must admit, especially in this party tin (I was on my way to a BBQ so this is easier than chasing dishes up from my family lol) but it does taste great. You can add lots of different things, even add a different meat than bacon/ham, garlic is good for flavour if your family like that. I keep it simple for parties so then everyone eats it :) There rarely is any left overs and if there is there is fights over who gets to take it home lol

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