Tuesday, March 26

Skulls, bones, pin-ups, tattoos & more

Last week this cute little parcel came in the mail for me *squeals* & *does a happy dance*

My beautiful bad ass friend from London got a whole lot of goodies together to cheer me up... seriously how awesome and rock'in is she!!!

This is the inside of the card she drew for me, yep she is one talented smok'in bitch lol

If you look closely you can see some bone earrings... how could anyone not love these, they are my favourite thing by far at the moment :) I forgot to put my moustache earrings into the picture as I was wearing them lol but trust be they are cool too!

I have some nail art stickers to try out, a gorgeous day of the dead hair bow (mighty cute), mirror, bag, purse, ribbons, stickers, tattoos... the list goes on!!!

As you can see this kind gift cheered me up a lot and made me feel special and appreciated, which is what everyone wants sometimes, right?

Brooke xx

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  1. Fabrizia Spinelli26 March 2013 at 23:17

    I like this post so much!!!!

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  3. Dude... so much awesome. I love the silver bone earring and the cute drawing in the card. Lucky you.

  4. Thats an amazing friend you have right there! She knows you so well too!


    Holly Foxen Wells


  5. very well lol She is the best!

  6. me too! I am very lucky :D

  7. These are so sassy and fun! :D Can't wait to see those nail art stickers ;)

  8. me too, I haven't had a chance to use them yet lol