Sunday, April 7

FIND - Retro gamer pattern graphic book

While shopping at the markets I came across this amazing retro Commodore 64 Graphic book! 

Ok it looks pretty crap from the front, like what would anyone want with this as the coding is ancient..... well I will tell you!! Vintage gamer patterns for all types of stitching, craft and knitting! *squeals*

 I have taken some pictures of the charts for you to use in your craft designs :) enjoy
 Robot patterns above..... Pretty unreal right?

 Grid chart for a Squaroud, Humanoid & a Dalek.

 Chart for pineapples, pear, clubs, cherries, strawberrys and a bell.

Hunchback & Charlie Chaplin grid patterns

This book is a fun book and even though the coding like in the above picture is wasted, the book is still a rare gem and can be used over and over again for lots of design projects :)

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  1. Anna Rose Johnson7 April 2013 at 14:46

    Love these! Way to see the potential in something you'd normally just pass by :)

  2. gotta love a great find lol