Sunday, April 21

Printed leggings

Find - FUN leggings!!!

seriously how fun are these? I know the printed legging trend has faded out a lot but I love that these ones are not over done in the print and can be wearable still... maybe not by me but by the young people ;) haha although I would wear the tetris ones!

You can find the tetris, pacman, marge and comic hero print at Romwe & all under $30!!

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  1. Love the pacman ones! I'm surprised they're so cheap. I have seen heaps of cool printed tights I like but they're so expensive.

  2. Love them, the comic hero the best ones!

  3. They are cute! think I am drawn to the comic strip ones the most! really cool idea
    Lisa :)

  4. I was the same when I came across them... *how have I never seen these great price ones before?* lol

  5. yes I was surprised too, the main reason I posted as the price suits eveyone :)