Saturday, July 6

FREE Married with Children pixel pattern

I have been watching repeats of the cult TV show Married with Children lately... yeah I know I have no life but its awesome and it never seems to get old, still as funny as ever!

I decided I needed to create a little cross stitch pattern for a new project to do and this is the smaller version I came up with. It does not have the detail that I normally like but I thought it was a cute design to share, I love how Peggy Bundy is dreaming of money and Al Bundy is day dreaming of boobs while they are both sitting on their couch haha The words 'LOVE AND MARRIAGE' is from the shows theme song at the start.

You can use this free pixel design on many DIY craft projects, it does not have to be just a stitch project. Have fun and if you decide to make this, please post a picture or post the link below so I can see and share. The pattern is not perfect as I was running out of room for this grid, hence why I have decide to go bigger, so ignore that mistake by me of being so close to edges :) 

I did not do a colour chart as really, as long as you get Peggys hair red, all will be fine... just choose which colours you like ;)

SUPPLIES you will need
- Cloth/Linen, available from Ebay or your local craft supply store
- Coloured thread
- Needle & scissors
- Time :)

Much love

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  1. OMG! So rad. I am going to defiantly try this one out.

  2. Haha Love Married with Children! So fun.

  3. I knew you would appreciate this lol <3