Friday, March 21

Handmade custom name Pocket Angels

A friend messaged me after seeing the precious Angel I made last year and asked me to make some pocket angels for her daughters wedding with her sons name on them who had sadly passed away as a child. I had never heard of pocket angels before and thought the idea of little angels in family members pockets at celebrations like a wedding was beautiful and I felt honoured to make them for such a lovely family.

I did some research into the Pocket Angels and seen they are called many names like  Guardian Angels & Family Angels. Most are made from different types of metal, into coins or charms but none are really personalised.

Now I am not going to lie, these took a long long time to make and my eyes were so sore from the hand beading for hours but it was worth it. I used the same pattern I posted HERE, I just made it smaller and did it all by hand. The fabric had a slight stretch in it which gave it some shape when filled with stuffing, I used purple as that was our angels favourite colour. Clear thread was used and seed beads that changed colour when the light hit them.

My friend (mother of the bride), the bride and her family who carried them in their pockets were so pleased with them, I know their Angel is always with them and this gesture will make their connection even stronger.

I think I will make some hanging versions of these for my parents Christmas tree, with all my grandparents names on them, maybe even some for myself if I get enough time.


Stretch velvet fabric from Online fabric store
Seeds beads from Beads.Us
Clear thread from Ebay

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