Thursday, March 6

Free printable T-BIRD, PINK LADIES & POODLE stencil

Create your own T BIRD Jacket or Pink Ladies skirt and jacket with these Free  A4 printable GREASE stencils

Saturday, November 30

Tattoo inspired gift wrapping D.I.Y

Pimp your presents with this Tattoo inspired gift wrapping D.I.Y

Friday, November 15

DIY Tattoo heart with scroll flash Birthday cakes

Easy personalised tattoo scroll cupcakes to make at home and add some Rock'n'Roll to any celebration

Thursday, October 3

Pony, Unicorn & Dragon Toy hobby horse

Handmade hobby horses to get the kids moving and you creating some magical childhood memories!!

Friday, September 6

Marceline Make-up Tutorial

Marceline the Vampire Queen make-up inspiration for your next Adventure Time dress-up event

Saturday, August 31

DIY gift satchel bags from magazines

Do you have a pile of old magazines which are ready to be thrown out? Then stop!, Tear out all the cool pictures in it and make yourselves some fun satchels for all types of gift giving.

Below is an easy tutorial on how to make your own

Thursday, August 1

Cheap & Easy FAIRY WINGS Tutorial NO SEW

 This may be the easiest and cheapest dress-up outfit for your child, EVER!!! NO SEW

Monday, July 8

DIY Lumpy Space Princess backpack

Do you need a Lumpy Space Princess Backpack in your life? Then look no further, this 30 minute D.I.Y project is what you are looking for!

Wednesday, July 3

DIY Glitter cloud rain nail art

It's been raining and cold here for a few weeks which makes everything depressing and basically me not wanting to do anything, so I thought I would do some pretty & cute rain cloud nails to cheer me up :) So okay they don't looks awesome or how I wanted them to look but I think they are cute enough to pull off and wear to brighten up the cold winter rainy days, glitter makes everything better right?

Below is the picture DIY tutorial on how I painted them  :-)

Sunday, June 30

Easy, cheap & fun Hens Night party game

Looking for a fun and cheap Hens night game you can make at home and is guaranteed to be a huge hit, then read on as I have the game for you!

Sunday, May 19

Animal Onesie sewing Tutorial... kids, teens or adult...

 Have you been looking for that unique cartoon character for book week or a dress up party but can't find it anywhere? Why not sew one and create a one of a kind onesie.

Monday, May 6

Pizza Birthday cake... nom.. nom.. nom....

Today was my daughters 14th birthday and she wanted a cake of her favourite things mixed together, cake and pizza!!! haha

Tuesday, April 30

Adorable BOW nail art how to!!

Here is a quick and cute beauty DIY to brighten up your nails

Thursday, April 18

3D Crochet pillow art

A few months ago I shared a piece of artwork with you guys for breast cancer awareness, trying to encourage everyone to touch your boobies regularly to check for unusual lumps after I had a scare. The lovely Pamela from Crochet Parfait asked if she could turn the tattoo flash drawing into a 3D crochet piece, of course I said why not :)

Wednesday, March 27

Bloglovin & Disqus

After reading all the stories and blog posts last week about Blogger's GFC going into extinction etc I have decided to use my bloglovin account more and transfer my blogger friends over there :)

Even though I don't know if GFC will actually disappear, I thought I might as well make the move now. Personally I think it will just be a new friend connection system to make people use google + more lol but we will see.

It was easier than I thought, I used this LINK and BAM!!! you are instantly following your friends over at BL.... The only problem I am finding is not all are being followed and not everyone is on there :( so maybe check a few of your favourite blogs to see if you are following them.

But I will say I am finding it easier to see everyone's new posts, a lot faster and I am enjoying it more, so that's a good thing!

I will still be using the blogger friend platform as I do like that and I can see who is following me and follow back, that's the only thing I dislike about BL is that you can not see your followers, which is sucky.

Are you on Bloglovin? 
If you are feel free to leave your BL link in the comment section below and I will follow you :)

You can follow me HERE

You can probably see I have also changed my comment section over to DISQUS, I have been thinking about doing it for a while, so I jumped in and just did it lol At the moment all my comments have been deleted but hopefully they said within 24 hours all will be fixed and all old  comments will be showing up :D *fingers crossed*

Brooke xx

Saturday, March 23

DIY Easter Hat parade ideas

Easter is coming up too quickly, which means its easter hat parade time at schools across the land :) My kids are not having one this year, oldest in high school and youngest is in year 4, so her school does not do them for the older kids, which is a shame. I have noticed in a lot of shops there is pre made hats now, I know many parents are extremely busy to help make a hat but its still shitty to see.

Anyhoo I was going to do a tutorial for the hat above which was her year 2 hat but I have run out of time (I might still do one and convert for a derby horse race fascinator or something)
Below I have found some pictures of her hats we made over the years for some inspiration.

Monday, March 18

Sweet 16th Jukebox cake DIY

I finally found the photos of the jukebox cake I did to match the hamburger cupcakes for a friends daughters 16th birthday party. I forgot my camera battery had died that day and I used a different camera... derrr haha

Below is a quick basic photo tutorial of how I made the cake (image heavy)

Saturday, March 9

Day of the Dead half face make-up

Today I woke up early to do my niece & friends make-up for FUTURE music festival that was in Sydney today. Apparently it was the 'Day Of The Dead-Set Awesome'   theme, so people were getting in the spirit and going all fancy, dressing up, doing costumes and stuff lol

I think their half faces turned out better than I thought they would, its hard to achieve a sugar skull death face and still look adorable haha

Friday, February 22

Touch your boobies!!!!

Today I was thinking that I should do a post explaining my absence from the blogging world/social media/internet lately and I didnt know what to post as its sort of a poor excuse but I guess a valid one haha so I drew a picture.

In mid December I found a largish lump on my boobie, I do get cysts all the time so I didn't worry too much but there was something just not right about this lump. My doctor had already left for his Christmas break so I had to wait until mid January to see him. Long story short he sent me for a ultrasound and although they found lots of cysts, there was a small mass above one of them and they recommended I get a further test.

My doctor has looked at the ultrasound results and thinks it looks fine but has sent me to a specialist to get a the tests, I go next Thursday :) I swear this is dragging on forever lol

So basically although I am feeling fine that the results will be okay (positive thinking) the wait is killing me and I just am not in the right mood to do anything let along get online. Which is probably the opposite to what I should be doing, I think people say keep busy but fuck that LOL I am just really tired and want to sleep, which isn't unusual for me haha but normally I can push though it and get shit done.

Above is the quick silly sketch I drew today, I still need to colour it in... Hands are bloody hard to draw btw!!! lol Hopefully this will just inspire one girl to go and check her own breasts. Over the last few months I am amazed that none of my friends check themselves, its so easy and can save your life. I am 35 and have had two friends under 40 pass away from breast cancer, it can happen to young people. We all think we are invincible but sadly we are not but the good news is you can catch these things early if you keep alert and get to know your body :)

For further information on breast cancer you can visit you counties breast awareness website. 
There is a great guide HERE on how to do your own self examinations

Thanks so much everyone who has commented on my blog, I have been reading them tonight and they have made me smile a lot <3 *big hugs and smiles to you all*


Friday, February 8

Hamburger cupcake making

Today I baked pretty much all day, making lots of hamburger cupcakes for a friends daughters 16th birthday party. Nothing was going right for me and I had to re make the chocolate patties as I stuffed them up, I wasn't happy about that but what can you do but keep going and swear a lot haha

You can find my burger cupcake tutorial HERE on how to make these. I wanted to take updated photos today of the steps but I didn't get time and couldn't be bothered because of my mood lol

Tomorrow I'm attempting to make a Jukebox cake for the party, wish me luck because I need it haha 

I better get to bed, have a great weekend everyone xx