Thursday, October 3

Pony, Unicorn & Dragon Toy hobby horse

Here are some handmade hobby horses I made for my young niece and nephews. They turned out better than I expected and the kids loved them.

Friday, September 6

Marceline Make-up Tutorial

My daughter requested some make-up for her best friends birthday celebrations, they decided that they both would go as Adventure Time characters. At first I thought perfect, easy costume, not much to do... less work for me ;) until I looked at a picture of Marceline the Vampire Queen closely.. ... umm what to do?

Below is the easy step by step guide on how I did her make-up

Saturday, August 31

DIY gift satchel bags from magazines

Do you have a pile of old magazines which are ready to be thrown out? Then stop!, Tear out all the cool pictures in it and make yourselves some fun satchels for all types of gift giving.

Below is an easy tutorial on how to make your own

Wednesday, August 21

Pizza Birthday cake... nom.. nom.. nom....

Today was my daughters 14th birthday and she wanted a cake of her favourite things mixed together, cake and pizza!!! haha

Sunday, July 28

Angus bow-tie cat pillow

 This weekend I made a little Angus pillow for my daughters best friend who's birthday it is tomorrow. She is obsessed with cats and loves the movie 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging'... but who doesn't?

Monday, July 8

DIY Lumpy Space Princess backpack

Today was a nice quick craft project basically to stop my daughter nagging me... okay okay the nagging was justified as I brought her this school bag in January and told her I would make it an Adventure Time backpack for her...... 6 months later I still had not done it LOL I don't know why I kept putting it off as it took me no longer than 30 mins to complete :)

Anyhoo below is a picture tutorial on how I created a Lumpy Space Princess backpack.

Saturday, July 6

FREE Married with Children pixel pattern

I have been watching repeats of the cult TV show Married with Children lately... yeah I know I have no life but its awesome and it never seems to get old, still as funny as ever!

I decided I needed to create a little cross stitch pattern for a new project to do and this is the smaller version I came up with. It does not have the detail that I normally like but I thought it was a cute design to share, I love how Peggy Bundy is dreaming of money and Al Bundy is day dreaming of boobs while they are both sitting on their couch haha The words 'LOVE AND MARRIAGE' is from the shows theme song at the start.

You can use this free pixel design on many DIY craft projects, it does not have to be just a stitch project. Have fun and if you decide to make this, please post a picture or post the link below so I can see and share. The pattern is not perfect as I was running out of room for this grid, hence why I have decide to go bigger, so ignore that mistake by me of being so close to edges :) 

I did not do a colour chart as really, as long as you get Peggys hair red, all will be fine... just choose which colours you like ;)

Much love

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Wednesday, July 3

DIY Glitter cloud rain nail art

It's been raining and cold here for a few weeks which makes everything depressing and basically me not wanting to do anything, so I thought I would do some pretty & cute rain cloud nails to cheer me up :) So okay they don't looks awesome or how I wanted them to look but I think they are cute enough to pull off and wear to brighten up the cold winter rainy days, glitter makes everything better right?

Below is the picture DIY tutorial on how I painted them  :-)

Sunday, June 30

Easy, cheap & fun Hens Night party game

So last week it was one of my friends Hens / Bachelorette nights and games were getting planned. In the middle of the night this silly game "Celebrity Dickhead" popped in my head, we all know the best ideas come while in bed!! lol

Saturday, June 1

sick.... boo ...

Just a quick blog post to let you all know that this is my household at the moment, we have been sick on and off for the lasts 2 weeks and I have had enough of it haha

Tonight is the first night I can sit on the computer without having a massive headache and can put a sentence together :) yayy I hope it lasts lol

So anyway when hubby is back at work and daughter back at school I will try to get a project happening on here and catch up on blogs, its only the first day of winter and already the Doctors visits have started, damn it!

much love everyone, hope you are all well
Brooke oxo

Sunday, May 19

Animal Onesie Tutorial... kids, teens or adult...

 I was asked for a tutorial on the Jake onseie pj's I made for my daughter a while back. I don't really have enough pictures to do a full tutorial, as for some reason I didn't take photos while doing the head lol probably because I was winging it as I went and didnt plan on doing a tutorial as sometimes I take quick photos to remind me in the future of how to recreate ;)

Anyway here is what I have, hope this helps anyone making a animal or Jake onesie. 

Monday, May 6

Stache biscuits

Today was my daughters 9th birthday and she wanted to take moe biscuits to school instead of cupcakes etc  These are what we came out with :)

Tuesday, April 30

Adorable BOW nail art how to!!

Here is a quick and cute beauty DIY to brighten up your nails

Sunday, April 21

Printed leggings

Find - FUN leggings!!!

seriously how fun are these? I know the printed legging trend has faded out a lot but I love that these ones are not over done in the print and can be wearable still... maybe not by me but by the young people ;) haha although I would wear the tetris ones!

You can find the tetris, pacman, marge and comic hero print at Romwe & all under $30!!

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Thursday, April 18

3D Crochet pillow art

A few months ago I shared a piece of artwork with you guys for breast cancer awareness, trying to encourage everyone to touch your boobies regularly to check for unusual lumps after I had a scare. The lovely Pamela from Crochet Parfait asked if she could turn the tattoo flash drawing into a 3D crochet piece, of course I said why not :)

Tuesday, April 16

Tattoo inspired gift wrapping

 On the 10th it was my Husbands birthday, I brought some plain black matt wrapping paper to wrap some dvd's up for him. Last minute I decided to pimp them out lol

Monday, April 8

DIY Tattoo heart with scroll flash Birthday cakes

 A few weeks ago I was asked to make a quick cake for some girls who were celebrating their birthday and bring it along to their Roller Derby fundraiser. I did'nt have much time as it was one of those busy weeks and crazy days, so I made a quick double heart scroll tatoo cake with some matching cupcakes which had the birthday girls names on them.

Sunday, April 7

FIND - Retro gamer pattern graphic book

While shopping at the markets I came across this amazing retro Commodore 64 Graphic book! 

Ok it looks pretty crap from the front, like what would anyone want with this as the coding is ancient..... well I will tell you!! Vintage gamer patterns for all types of stitching, craft and knitting! *squeals*

 I have taken some pictures of the charts for you to use in your craft designs :) enjoy

Saturday, March 30

Pretty tissue paper pom poms

Today I spent the day cooking for my Mums 60th Birthday Party tomorrow & then my daughter and I made some tissue paper pom poms to decorate the party with  :)

I think they turned out well and very pretty, they should look great hanging up at my sisters place.
I found a youtube tutorial HERE on how to make these...  very easy and cheap to make!

Happy Easter lovely people xx

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Wednesday, March 27

Bloglovin & Disqus

After reading all the stories and blog posts last week about Blogger's GFC going into extinction etc I have decided to use my bloglovin account more and transfer my blogger friends over there :)

Even though I don't know if GFC will actually disappear, I thought I might as well make the move now. Personally I think it will just be a new friend connection system to make people use google + more lol but we will see.

It was easier than I thought, I used this LINK and BAM!!! you are instantly following your friends over at BL.... The only problem I am finding is not all are being followed and not everyone is on there :( so maybe check a few of your favourite blogs to see if you are following them.

But I will say I am finding it easier to see everyone's new posts, a lot faster and I am enjoying it more, so that's a good thing!

I will still be using the blogger friend platform as I do like that and I can see who is following me and follow back, that's the only thing I dislike about BL is that you can not see your followers, which is sucky.

Are you on Bloglovin? 
If you are feel free to leave your BL link in the comment section below and I will follow you :)

You can follow me HERE

You can probably see I have also changed my comment section over to DISQUS, I have been thinking about doing it for a while, so I jumped in and just did it lol At the moment all my comments have been deleted but hopefully they said within 24 hours all will be fixed and all old  comments will be showing up :D *fingers crossed*

Brooke xx

Thanks for visiting