Saturday, December 29

DIY Jake sleepwear... Adventure Time!!!!

Hey everyone!!!! Hope you are all doing well over the holidays.

I have been pretty bad at blogging the last few weeks, actually the whole month of December haha but starting from today I will try to get back into my regular routine and post at least every few days :)

So back to this post, for the last few months my 8 years old daughter has been nagging me to make her a Jake from Adventure Time onesie as I could not find any child size ones to buy her (what's with that? only adult sleepwear for sale... I know its a cult show but it is a frigging children's TV show after all!!!) Anyway due to no free time I kept telling her "I will do it, don't stress...... "  It then got to 2 weeks before Christmas I then started saying "I will do before Christmas, don't worry....."

Two days before Christmas panic mode set in and I thought F**K!!!! I better sew that onesie around doing my Christmas cooking haha I swear I leave things to the last minute, will I ever learn?

Off I go and sew all day and make a onesie & a cute little nightie with the left over fabric.
I was happy with the end result and my daughter was extremely happy, she is rotating these and does not want to wear clothes any more haha I guess I can just say she is dressing up and its a costume if anyone pops over to the house for a visit ;)

I will post lots of pictures over the next week on how I made the Onesie.

Who knew pj's could be so much fun :)

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  1. My little brother is going to love this one, for sure. Adventure time is his favorite show, and nothing would excite him more than a pajama set of his favorite cartoon show.

  2. Did you really make this? From scratch? Amazing.... your whole blog is amazing. I want to make a bigger one for my husband. You have no idea how rad this is. I can't wait to give it a try.

  3. Maddison Green5 May 2013 at 13:32

    hey, just wondering if you have a tutorial for this?

  4. I forgot to post the steps I did, its not a full tutorial but it might help you. I will post during this week for you, I just need to find all the pictures I took lol

  5. yeah babe I made it from scratch lol I will find the pictures and post the steps I did. Your husband will love you more if you make this!! LOL

  6. I am an avid and I mean avid sewer and crocheter and I have to say I love this! I see the pattern already lol will have to keep Sundays paper so I can cut it. I see where you made a T-shirt robot you should really do a t-shirt throw blanket they are cute and just use your fave shirts to make it personal!! thanks for the great idea!! I am making this for my 21 year old daughter!

  7. I am glad you like it :) I hope your daughter loved the one you made xx