Monday, December 2

DIY Angel name keepsake

Here is fabric angel I made for a precious angels Mother. I have included a basic tutorial for you to make your own for yourself or a gift.

I used a soft fur fabric with a tiny stretch in it and some flat sequins for the name, heart and halo.

I first made my pattern out of some A4 paper, cut fabric and used my sewing machine to sew inside edge, leaving a small hole in the side to turn the angel the correct way out and to fill with stuffing. Once filled I sewn lines to highlight the wings and resewn the edge. This is a little fiddly but definitely not a hard sewing project, most could do. I then applied the sequins, which i had drawn on the pattern template to make sure the letter spacing was even.

I have uploaded a free DIY pattern for you below to make your own, you could print at whichever size you would like your keepsake name angel to be. I made mine appox 20cm in length.

This would make a beautiful precious gift for someone who has lost a love one, you can add some ribbon to make it hanging for a special decoration or make it large for a pillow.

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